Major Approaches and Aims
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Flood risk management strategies

Environmental approvals for new port developments

Maintenance and capital dredging work

Research management

Developing innovative approaches for new regulation

Port environmental management systems
Peter Barham is a sustainable development consultant who
specialises in a wide range of activities in the marine, coastal and
freshwater environment. His expertise includes the development
and management of
Whenever work is needed in the marine environment, whether it be dredging or a full scale port development, the
environmental regulations and approvals required can seem very complex and often solutions are not straight forward.
Peter Barham Environment Ltd has considerable experience in working with conservation bodies, regulators and
developers to obtain approvals which allow development to go ahead which meet and raise conservation standards.
Doing this can involve many people from different organisations and Peter Barham Environment Ltd specialises in
managing the process of obtaining environmental approvals for any project regardless of size.
Peter Barham Environment Ltd
Ensuring the principles of sustainable development are central to corporate governance, project specification,
development and delivery.

Looking for win:win solutions for conservation and development. Development does not necessarily mean that
conservation has to suffer and equally conservation efforts do not necessarily have to halt industrial progression

Bringing people and organisations together who initially may have conflicting views and to work with them to identify
shared goals and objectives

Acting as a facilitator for all stakeholders

Identifying problems and generating solutions. Using this approach Peter Barham has created a range of innovative
solutions which have often been transferred to other areas of work

Ensuring that solutions are fully compliant with environmental law. This is particularly important when looking for
innovative solutions to sometimes seemingly intractable problems and essential if conservation needs are to be
comprehensively addressed